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Committee Matters

CATS Committee meeting   10/03/11  19,00hr start,   White House.

Present.   Ian Kelly, Garry Porter, Steve Cartwright, Helen Duah, Diane Wooller, Simon Haigh, Sian Gifford. Mandy Hicks.
John Cooke, Kevin Frost, Sam Clayton, John Hyland, Sheila Evans.
1. Mandy Hicks asked for clarification about voting and non-voting members. The present constitution only allows 3 voting members. This needs to be amended to 6 plus one casting vote by the Chairman .
 2. England Athletics membership.
All athletes need to be registered with the above organisation. A renewal fee of £5 per athlete is required this is included in the membership fee. All new members are registered once memberships are paid. Once registered, the athletes are designated a registration number which can be found on England Athletics website. This is password protected, Garry Porter has the password.  All membership should be paid by the 1st April.
All members will be issued with cards. The Treasurer suggested that in future the membership needs to be advanced so registration with England Athletics and CATS membership are phased at the same time.
Coaches insurance is paid by CATS .The membership secretary will cross match the names on the England Athletics (EA) website and CATS membership database so the membership to EA  can be paid .
3. CATS membership.
The chairman suggested that a clause is included on the membership form which says ---members have to compete in 3 meetings excluding home meets for the club for the year. This was agreed by the committee members present.
A proposal was made to increase the membership fees .  The following increases were agreed ,
Seniors           £45     Gate fee £2
Juniors (U18) £35     Gate fee £1.
 Family           £95      Gate fee £2 senior member £1 junior members.
 Family membership consists of 3 members who all live at the same address
All members to be signed in at the gate.
Vests are to be included in the membership fee.
The club will try to recoup vests from non competing members.
Honorary memberships open to coaches who coach more than 40 sessions in a year. Further discussion to take place .
The small entrance gate to be used instead of the car entrance gate. This would make it easier to check members in. The gate to be manned for at least an hour. Need volunteers. Will use the blog or website to ask for volunteers. Gate money collected to be given to Helen in the hut for banking.
University members.   As the agreement between the university and the CATS is unknown to the present committee it was agreed that this was confirmed before any decision could be made about fees.   The University students must however pay the £2 gate fee.
3. Team Managers
It was asked about team managers, and whether they could have a list of members with contact details. It was decided that the coaches will know who has competed and compiled with the new clause in the membership form therefore there was no need for team managers to have a full list.
Sian Gifford and Mandy Hicks will organise Team managers before the next meeting. Noted that Sam O Reilly would be team manager for EYAL.
4. Coaching and Official courses
It has been noted that several members have asked about coaching and Official courses, These are now priced at £130 Assistant coach, £325 Athletics coach. Official course £15 ?  A suggestion was made that any one wishing to register for these courses should pay up front and then after 6mths -1year will be reimbursed. Also they are made aware of the commitment they will need too undertake. This was left undecided.
CATS now has the right to the domain CATS. This is in Garry’s name at present and will remain the same website address. The blog has worked very well but there are concerns about the security, anyone can add items so no policing to this site. Ken Lawrence has agreed to run the website, anything to go onto the site will be passed by any 2 of the following; Ian , Garry or Steve (Chairman, vice chairman and secretary) before sending to the webmaster. The web page needs to be regularly updated. Ian Kelly will contact Ken and Jacqui Lawrence about the website.
6. Press officer.  John Hyland is the press officer with Warren Page taking over from John half way through the summer.
7. Awards evening. It was noted that the recent awards evening was very successful. Further awards evenings will be on the agenda at further committee meetings. Mandy Hicks  mentioned that a number of parents had
Spoken to her about recognising youngsters  for their motivation and commitment. Recognition of this had been shown by the awarding of certificates to a number of youngsters at the award evening.
8. Open meeting
Steve Cartwright is to contact Steve Ault to see if it is possible to hold a BBQ and disco after the Open meet on August Bank holiday.  A price would be required. A working party needs to be put in place to organise the Open. Sian Gifford suggested that her father may be able to guide people in the right direction . Need at least 5 people on the organising team.
9. Home meet  CATS has a home meeting on the 21st August EAL, Harriers have booked the track for training, Steve Cartwright will contact Karen Wheat.
11. Signatories.
The previous signatories need to be removed and new ones put in place. The new signatories will be  the treasurer  Simon Haigh, Chairman Ian Kelly, Vice chair Garry Porter, and secretary Steve Cartwright.
It was agreed to ask either Tom Corkery or Kathleen Johnson to audit the books ASAP.  The new mandate forms were given out to those new signatories. Treasurer Simon Haigh   will pay the following leagues asap, EAL, EYAL, and SWL. Need to look at SML (joint with Harriers) and Cobra(Braintree and Harriers).
Diane Wooller has been approached by a member from the rotary club concerning a 10k road race on the 8thMay 2011. IT will start and finish from the track. The money raised goes to charity one of which is CRY (CATS Charity). The club has been asked to help with Marshalls. The Harriers are to be joint helpers.
A Thank you card was signed by those present at the meeting to Colin Stiff to say thank you . Diane  will also pick up a book token and will give Colin these  at the indoor meet at Lee valley . Colin has retired from coaching after 30 years. It has been suggested that a formal presentation could take place in the summer. Sarah Claxton may be able to present a gift.
Close of meeting 23.00hrs   
Next meeting 24th March, Any matters for the agenda to be presented to Garry by the 21st March. Meeting to be held at White House .   


SGM Minutes - Wednesday 2nd March 2011

Colchester and Tendring Athletics Club

Minutes of special General Meeting
Held on
2 March 2011
7.30 pm at The Garrison Track

1.         John Hyland opened the meeting by welcoming all those present.  He stated that there were two agenda items:
  • The election of a new committee
  • Any Other Urgent Business
2.         Election of Committee members:
President – Diane Wooller confirmed her willingness to remain as President and Fixtures Secretary
Proposed:      Tania Cresswell-Maynard
Seconded:     Helen Duah
Chair – Ian Kelly offered to stand as Chair
Proposed:      Bob Kimber
Seconded:     Tania Cresswell-Maynard
Gary Porter offered to stand as Vice-chair
Proposed:      Diane Wooller
Seconded:     John Cook
Simon Haigh offered to stand as Treasurer
Proposed:      Tania Cresswell-Maynard
Seconded:     Ian Kelly
Stephen Cartwright offered to stand as Secretary
Proposed:      Ian Kelly
Seconded:     Gary Porter
Membership Secretary
Sheila Evans confirmed that she was happy to continue in the role.
Child Protection Officers
Two officers were required, one female and one male.
Helen Duah offered to stand, stating that she had undergone safeguarding training.
Proposed:      Carol Ibbotson
Seconded:     Bob Kimber
Kevin Frost offered to stand.
Proposed:      Tania Cresswell-Maynard
Seconded:     Helen Porter
Press Officer
John Hyland and Warren Paige offered to continue in this role.
Proposed:      John Cook
Seconded:     Helen Duah
Parent Representative
Mandy Hicks offered to stand.
Proposed:      Warren Paige
Seconded:     Helen Duah
Athlete Representatives
Two representatives were required, one female and one male.  The following offered to stand:
Sian Gifford
Proposed:      Helen Bloomfield
Seconded:     Ellie Cumer
Sam Clayton
Proposed:      Bob Kimber
Seconded:     Michael Porter
John Hyland thanked all those who had offered to become committee members.
Any Other Urgent Business
John Hyland asked if there was any other business.
A question was asked about who were the league managers.  It was confirmed that Mandy and Paul Hicks wish to continue as EAL managers. 
It was not known who was/would be EYA manager
There was also a vacancy for the Southern Women’s League.  It was agreed that Sian and Ellie would discuss this after the meeting.
A question was asked if the dates of committee meetings could be notified.  It was agreed that these would be placed on the Club blog.  The Chair confirmed that meetings would be held once a month.
The need for improved communication in the club was discussed and it was proposed that a newsletter could be issued.
John Hyland then drew the meeting to a close by thanking everyone for attending and stating that with a full committee now in place it would be possible to start talks once again about a merger with Harriers.
A special thank you was also made to John Cook who had worked on the gate for a number of years and had taken the time to attend the special general meeting.