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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

EAL - Chelmsford - Sunday 19th June 2011

From a cloudy Chelmsford CAT's were in action for the 2nd East Anglian League Meeting, the U17/Senior Women saw strong performances from Helen Bloomfield and Sian Gifford in the 400M with 1st in their respective races with times of 60.6s and 66.0s, Kundai Matringue 2nd in the 100M in 13.4s. Lisa Crowhurst  3rd in the 300M in 44.9s and Stacey Eyers 3rd in the 800M with a time of 2:31.1. In the longjump Helen Bloomfield and Francesca Keith jumping 4.91 and 4.29 metres and Keith in the triplejump 9.29m. Ellie Simmons and Gifford in the shot putt with throws of 7.87m PB and 4.46m coming 2nd and 4th, Simmons and Keith in the Javelin throwing 25.47m 3rd and 15.06m. A strong performace from Crowhurst, Keith, Simmons and Matringue in the 4 x 100m relay.
The Senior/U17 Men with PB’s for Dean Frost 2nd in 2:06.6 and Jim Thompson 4th in 2:08.0 In the 800m, PB’s also for Thompson in the Triplejump along with Michael Porter. Porter also in the 400m coming 1st in 53.0s and Ben Watt in 57.5s PB. The 1500m saw Joe Alexander coming 1st in 4:26.3 PB and Porter in 4:36.9. Alexander and Jack Hurst in the 200m with Hurst coming 2nd in 23.9s, Hurst and Matt Edwards in the 100m coming 2nd and 4th in 11.6s and 12.4s. The high jump saw Thompson and Edwards both getting PB’s jumping 1.45m, PB’s also for Watt and Hurst in the Long Jump jumping 5.12m and 5.21m. Stephen Blacklock and Alexander in the Shot Putt throwing 9.30m PB and 5.66m and in the discus Blacklock throwing 22.35m and Frost 20.02m, Blacklock also throwing a massive 34.98m in the Javelin PB. The 3000m saw David Gibbon putting in an outstanding performance to finish 1st with a time of 8:57.9 and Tom Gifford with a strong 400m with a time of 53.2s. The 4 x 100m relay saw Porter, Hurst, Thompson and Edwards putting in a strong performance to finish 4th. 

U15 Girls 1500m saw Ami Fosker, Kate Frost, Beth Armitage and Charlotte Kew all putting in good performances with Fosker finishing 4th in 5:22.6 and Frost in 5:54.3 PB. In the Javelin Beth Blacklock coming 1st with a fine throw of 27.10m, Frost throwing 12.54m PB and Sian Hicks throwing 8.77m. Talia Callum and Kayleigh McKay in the Longjump with distances of 4.39m and 4.80m PB. The 80m Hurdles saw Isabel Duah with a time of 13.1s and Ant Adefolaju in 14.2s, the 100m with Beth Ibbotson in 13.3s and Adefolaju in 13.9s also a good performace from Catherine Blacklock in the 100m. Ibbotson, McKay, C Blacklock and B Blacklock all gave strong performances in the 200m with Ibbotson finishing 1st in 27.8s. Duah and McKay in the 300m with times of 46.1s and 49.3s, Duah putting in a fine throw in the hammer coming 1st with a distance of 18.54m PB. The shot putt saw C Blacklock and Kew both putting in good throws of 6.89m and 6.38m, In the Discus with Ibbotson throwing 23.21m PB 1st place and Hicks throwing 12.93 PB with a good performance from Armitage. The 800m saw good performances from Hicks and Hanna Banks with times of 2:43.9 and 2:48.4. Two 4 x 100m relay teams of Ibbotson, Duah, Adefolaju, McKay A team and Hicks, C Blacklock, B Blacklock and Frost B team with A team coming 3rd and B team 7th.

U15 Boys - Dylan Ponty put in a fine performance in the 100m 13.0s and 200m 27.6s, William Deasy putting in a strong performance in the 1500m. 

U13 Girls, Isabel McKay threw the discus a fantastic 11.63m PB coming 2nd and throwing the shot putt 4.02m finishing 3rd. The 1500m saw a gallant run from Georgina Sturgeon finishing 2nd in 5:36.9m and Emily Haigh with a time of 6:36.5. In the 800m Mary Ann-Deasy and Polly Banks put in strong performances with times of 2:54.6 and 3:02.0 PB. Caitlin O’Riely, Courtney Bland and Isabel McKay in the 100m with times of 14.3s PB, 15.6s and 15.9s PB. O’Reilly and Bland in the 200m both with PB’s and times of 31.6s and 33.7s, both in the longjump with distances of 3.92m PB and 3.46m. O’Reilly, Bland, Sturgeon and McKay in the 4 x 100m relay finishing 5th.

U13 Boys - the 800m saw Jack Mabbett and Teddy Armitage putting in times of 2:38.7 and 2:48.0. The 1500m with Domonic Doherty, William Page and Thomas Hewes finishing with times of 5:29.3, 5:46.5 and 5:53.9. Hewes throwing the discus throwing 13.69 2nd place, Doherty with an excellent throw in the Javelin of 23.97m 2nd place. In the 100m Oliver Kensdale and Page finishing with times of 15.5s and 15.7s, the 200m Doherty and Kensdale with times of 31.0s and 32.3s. In the high jump Mabbett with a fine jump of 1.25m and the long jump with Page and Armitage jumping distances of 3.76m and 3.08m. in the 4x 100m relay with Mabbett, Doherty, Kensdale and Hewes finishing 4th.

U11 Boys and Girls - with all of the youngsters putting in excellent performances, Sophie Clinch and Louise Porter in the long jump both with distances of 2.33m, Oliver Cobbin jumping 2.87m and Arun Kittle putting in a good performance. In the 600m Caitlin Macklin-Williams with a time of 2:19.0, Jasmine Metcalf 2:29.5, Luke Bracey 2:02.0, Jack Bowyer 2:03.0, Finn O’Riely 2:08.0, Arun Kittle 2:10.0 and Bradley Hicks 2:47.0. All performed well in the 80m with Clinch 13.4s, Macklin-Williams 14.4s, Metcalf 14.5s, Porter 15.5s, O’Reilly 12.4s, Bracey 12.4s, Bowyer 13.1s, Cobbin 13.1s and Hicks 15.1s.

Report submitted by Paul Hicks


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