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Sunday, 8 May 2011

EAL - IPSWICH - Sunday 8th May 2011

EAL Meeting Report

From a sunny Ipswich the East Anglian League’ first event of the season. The U11 Girls started well with Beth Philpott and Caitlin Maklin-Williams running in the 600M finishing 1st and 2nd with times of 2:20.5 and 2:23.0 both PB’s.  In the 80M sprint Philpott 1st again with a time of 13.2s, Maklin-Williams 2nd in 13.3s and Sophie Clinch coming 3rd in 14.2s.  Philpott and Clinch in the long ump finishing 2nd and 3rd with distances of 3.17M and 3.16M.
The U11 Boys saw five boys running the 600M, Luke Blacey  finishing 2nd,  Finn O’Reily 3rd, Bob Longstaff 4th, Oliver Eaves 5th and Bradley Hicks 7th.  All five also competed in the 80M sprint . O’Reilly and Hicks in the Long jump coming in 2nd jumping  a distance of 3.45M and 4th at 2.09M.
The U13 Girls in the 70M Hurdles with Lucy Philpott putting in a good performance to finish 4th with a time of 15.5s and a strong performance from Alexandra Leslie finishing 3rd at 14.5s.  In the 800M Georgina Sturgeon putting in a strong performace to finish 3rd with a time of 2:51.4 and Emily Donahue finishing with a time of 2:56.4.  Philpott and Emily Haigh in the 1500M finishing 3rd in 6:29.1 and 4th in 6:38.6. In the sprint events starting with the 100M, Coutney Bland and Donahue coming 4th and 5th with a new PB for Donahue, the 200M events with strong performances from Bland and Donahue both finishing 4th in their races, Donahue with another PB of 34.3s, also a good perfomance from Haigh. The Shot Putt Caitlin O’Reilly and Isobel McKay both finished 1st in their groups with fine throws of 5.04M and 4.10M. Sturgeon finished 3rd in the Javelin with a great throw of 12.10M, McKay put in a good performance in the Discus. The high jump saw Sturgeon coming 4th jumping 1M with a good performance from Philpott. For the Long jump Leslie with a fine jump of 3.60M, Bland with a jump of 3.27M and Haigh jumping 2.96M.
Donhue, Bland, O’Reilly and Sturgeon with a great perfomance in the 4 x 100M relay.
The U13 Boys with William Page running a strong 800M to finish 5th with a time of 2:45.4 PB, Page and Frank Longstaff in the 100M finishing 3rd in 15.2s and 1st in 14.7 in their races. Longstaff and Page also in the long jump finishing 3rd jumping 4.0M and 2nd at 3.27M in their groups. The 1500M saw Domonic Doherty finishing 3rd with a fantastic finish and a time of 5:35.2 and Longstaff achieving a time of 7:24.7. Doherty also putting in good performances in the 200M and Javelin.
In the 100M Sprint for the U15 Girls with Antonio Adefolaju finishing 4th in a time of 13.7s and Kayleigh McKay coming in 4th in 14.2s, McKay in the 200M finishing with a time of 31.3s and Isobel Duah with a fine performance finishing 1st in 28.9s, McKay also in the 300M with a strong performance to finish 2nd in 50.8s. The 800M with Sian Hicks finishing 5th with a time of 2:48.7, Kiera Fitzpatrick, Duah and Hicks in the Discus throwing 23.90M, 16.05M PB and 11.0M. Fitzpatrick and Hicks also in the Javelin throwing 25.0M and 11.43M. Honor Crane thrw the shot putt 3.36 finishing in 4th place, Shae Fitzpatrick and Crane in the 1500M finishing with times of 5:41.8 and 5:57.9. The 75M Hurdles saw Hannah Lawrence finishing 5th with a time of 13.6s. Lawrence also leapt to 1st place in the high jump with a fine jump and new PB of 1.47M and Adefolaju putting in a good performance.  The long jump event with Lawrence and Duah coming 2nd and 4th with distances of 4:42 and 4:07M.
In the 4 x 100M relay a strong performances from Lawrence, Adefolaju, Duah and McKay finishing 3rd.
The U15 Boys events with Thomas Cunningham-Fahie, James Murrell and James Redman in the 80M Hurdles, an excellent finish from Fahie finishing 1st in 12.8s, Murrell 3rd in 15.0, Redman putting in a strong performance. Redman in the 800M finishing 4th in 2:34.5 and putting in a good performance in the 400M. The 100M with Dillon Ponty and Fahie finishing 1st in 12.8 s and 2nd in 13.5s their respective races. Ponty, Fahie and Luke Oscar putting in strong performances in the 200M with Ponty finishing 1st and a new PB of 27.1s. The shot putt saw Oscar finish 4th with a fine throw of 5.24M. Murrell and Redman put in good performances in the high jump. Hayden Eyers finished 2nd in the Discus with a fine throw of 19.95M and Oscar putting in a good performance.
U17 / Senior Women events with the 100M sprints Kundai Matringe finishing 3rd with a time of 13.1s and Lisa Crowhurst finishing 1st in 13.2s.  The 200M Matringe finishing 4th in 27.3s, Crowhurst and Ella Clarke in the 300M both coming 2nd in their respective races, with times of 45.4 and 46.8s. In the 400M Helen Bloomfield ran a fantastic race finishing 1st in 61.4s. Bloomfield also in the 800M finishing 1st with a time of 2:24.3 and Stacey Eyers finishing 3rd with a time of 2:29.9. Bloomfield also in the long jump finishing 3rd jumping 4.72M, Francesca Keith also 3rd in her event with a distance of 4.07M. Keith also put in a strong performance in the triple jump. Molly Ponty came in 3rd in the Discus throwing 16.12M with a good performance from Clarke. Keith and Ponty also in the Javelin came 3rd and 2nd in their respective groups throwing 20.52M and 13.75M.
In the Relay Mataringe, Crowhurst, Keith and Bloomfield ran a fantastic race to finish 2nd.
U17 /Senior Men with Bob Kimber in the Shot Putt putting in a fine performance throwing 4.47M. Jack Hurst in the 100M finishing 3rd with a time of 11.6s PB, also in the 200M finishing 2nd with a time of 23.5s PB and Michael Porter in the 200M with a time of 24.3s PB. Porter also ran the 400m finishing 1st with a time of 58.6s and in the 800M again finishing 1st with a time of 2:02.8, Jim Thomspson came in 2nd in the 800m with a time of 2:08.7 PB. Thompson also in the high jump jumping 1.25M and in the triple jump with a distance of 9.60M finishing the day of with his 3rd PB. Jack Hurst also achieved his 3rd PB in the javelin throwing a distance of 23.20M. Andrew Todd also competed in the 100 and 200M events with times of 12.9s and 26.0s. Tom Gifford put in a fine performance finishing 1st with a time of 2:02.4.

Report submitted by Paul & Mandy Hicks (Team Managers)

Frank Longstaff - Long Jump
Helen Bloomfield and Stacey Eyers Sen W 800m
Tom Gifford Sen M 800m

Lisa Crowhurst U17 100m 'B'
Kundai Mataringe 100m 'A'
Helen Bloomfield Sen W Long Jump

Fran Keith U17 Long Jump


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