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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Introducing our new Committee

We held our SGM on Wednesday 2nd March 2011 and below is the list of the newly elected Committee.  It was noted that the constitution accommodated only 3 voting positions.  In view of the now full committee, it was agreed that this will now be extended to six voting positions with the Chair casting the deciding vote.  The remaining committee members stand in non-voting positions.
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Ian Kelly

Committee Members

Diane Wooller President  (non-voting)

Ian Kelly  Chair

Gary Porter  Vice-chair

Simon Haigh  Treasurer

Stephen Cartwright Secretary

John Cooke Officials Rep 

Mandy Hicks  Parent Representative

Helen Duah and Kevin Frost
          Child protection Officers  (1 vote only)

Sheila Evans Membership Secretary  (non-voting)

John Hyland Press Officer   (non-voting)

Sian Gifford and Sam Clayton
      Athlete Representatives  (non-voting)

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